Which way does a duvet cover go on the bed?

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Does the opening (with buttons and button holes) go at the head end of the bed and get hidden by the bed sheet as you fold the sheet over the duvet? Or does the opening of the duvet cover go at the foot of the bed?



  1. housefullofboys3 says:

    head of the bed with the sheet covering

  2. law guy says:

    buttons at the foot (per my wife)

  3. BlueJuliet says:

    Opening at head of bed.

  4. I-Eat-Paint-Chips says:

    At the foot. That is, unless you want to be hit in the face with the buttons 1000 times a night.

  5. lily says:

    foot of the bed.

  6. classychris says:

    upsdie now

  7. Shopgirl9337 says:

    Buttons go to the top (to be hidden under the folded over top sheet)

  8. HHXOXO says:

    It goes on the end of the bed. Ive accidently put it on with at at the head of the bed and when I was trying to go to sleep the buttons kept hitting me in the face, very annoying. So yes, put the opening with the buttons at the bottom.

  9. Susan V says:

    I think it’s a matter of preference. I like the buttons at the bottom of the bed.

  10. John Z says:

    Opening at foot facing up… with the comforter inside.

  11. Leelee says:

    The opening of the duvet cover goes at the foot of the bed.

  12. nipopazleh says:

    i prefer head

  13. nu_shashita says:

    At the foot, regardless of sheets. (My British BF only has a bottom sheet and the comforter with a duvet that he changes every week or 10 days. Making a bed has never been so easy!)

  14. madamesophia1969 says:

    Buttons at the foot of the bed. And why did someone look into a Martha Stewart website to check on this? She is dumber than a box of rocks!!!! Probably one too many blanket parties in prison hee hee.

  15. ladymarmalade_00 says:

    It is a personal choice, like there isn’t a law that says which way. I find that the down/feathers in my duvet always end up at the bottom of it, and on the other side to where I sleep (on my own in a double). So I just turn it around, easier than shaking it all over the place!

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